Our biggest upset

May not be making the playoff this year. It may be keeping Herman with job openings at LSU and potentially TU and USC by seasons end, IF we don’t get that P5 invite. But I know I know. Just worry about going #1-0 every game and enjoy the season.

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Naw, screw 1-0. We are fans. I’m already looking forward to the 2018 QB battle.

I truly believe Herman is staying no matter what job becomes available.

  1. Will want to stay longer than 2 years.
  2. Loves his players and loves the city of Houston.
  3. Will want to coach elite talent. (5star QB and 5star DT).
  4. Loves the fact that he gets to build this program and be a coaching legend.
  5. Has a top 5 defensive coordinator who routinely saves his bacon in games.
  6. Easy access to top flight NY6 bowl games.

Also, some wait and see type things that will only make it easier to stay through year 5 and 6 and so on.

  1. If we get in the playoff this year he is staying long term.
  2. If we get in a P5 this year he is staying long term.
  3. Right now we are recruiting at a top 40 level. But when you factor in P5 bias it probably more like top 25, which means we will continue to beat up on the conference. If we can pull in more 4 and 5 star recruits (like Chaisson and Moses) and be in the top 15 national, then he is staying long term.
  4. If the facilities get the necessary funds, and are built on time, he is staying long term.

Right now, I’m not sure if playoffs will happen with Louisville’s loss. However, I always said I’d be very happy for a trip to the Cotton Bowl this year. My recent thought is, with new facilities, Tom Herman, big recruits, two New Years Bowl wins (last year and this year) and a Top 5 finish… could we be a compelling story for Showtime’s “A season with…”? I could see that being a big deal for our program’s profile, plus extra income and maybe even get some students with internships on the production. Just an opportunity to tell our school’s story. Not to mention our will they or wont they romantic comedy relationship with the Big 12.

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Herman is just past 40. He is Mensa smart. He is from California. I cannot fathom this man and his family in Baton Rouge, nor wanting to put up with the LSU alumni and Bubba fan base.

Now UT may be a different story. Let’s’see face it. Austin is the lost colony of California.
But UT, for all its positives has lost some shine of late. If we get into a bidding war and it is all about the money, they can out spend us.

But Herman, at this point in his life may have other considerations. As long as we pony up, keep improving facilities, etc, I think we might be able to keep him. Maybe instead of putting out the dumpster fire at UT, he bides his time.

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