Our New, Realistic Expectations for the Defense

Not much. They are what they are. Are not the 2021 Sack Avenue bunch.

In our past 3 games we are averaging 38 points per. That will do it.

Last year SMU scored 37 at our place. They might score that much again next Saturday.

So we score more. If Tune can pass for 380 then he can pass for 480.

Unleash the Kraken! Our WR’s are good! And the 2 small RB’s can do fine when the opponent defense is always looking for a pass.

Our defense is not a total liability. They make lots of plays. Just not a full game’s worth.

Cut down the penalties and throw it. Put up 500 yards.

Our defense then can bend but not break.


When the D is giving up big plays, it is usually due to poor tackling. Obviously, you cannot be a good defense if you have poor tackling, so that needs to improve. The good news is that players are in position to make plays, so it is not a scheme/design flaw. That said, first man needs to break down & wrap up, then worry about strips, etc.

Seems like Dana abandoned the ball-control TOP approach & is wanting to play a bit quicker. Our defensive personnel especially at corner is worse then last year. DL has struggled to control gaps vs runs.


Sack Avenue clearly left with Derek Parish


We probably will see more redshirt Freshmen in November.

The tough games are SMU and ECU. They can play in those two and not mess up their redshirt

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Do playing in bowl games and ccg affect redshirt rules and the 4 game rule?

Yes. Tune lost a RS opportunity when he played in the Army bowl game debacle for his 5th game. A coach now has to be judicious in the use of backup QBs for early season mop up duties. In 2018, Tune played in a 70-14 win vs. TSU in Sep and then threw 4 passes in a win vs ECU in Oct. When King got hurt, he was pressed into duty for the final two games in November.

For the bowl, Major had to either burn Tune’s RS season on a 5th game or burn a Sr-Transfer’s final season of eligibility.

If we’re trying to get the freshman some seasoning, maybe better to play them against Temple and Tulsa, when we have big leads (hopefully) and see if they’re needed for a potential CCG and Bowl game.

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Coley played against USF. He has 3 games left. If our Bowl game counts then he has 2 left.

But what we might really need are defensive players. Do not know if any freshmen played against USF.

Do we have one or more defensive “studs” who would help the team in November?

DL #91 Holmes played and played well


Holmes looked good at DT, but they’ll redshirt him. The coaches have raved about freshman LB Treylin Payne. He’s been on the field for a game or two, but I would guess he’ll redshirt as well. D.K. Friend is a promising freshman cornerback who will also redshirt.

Good catch. Payne made an eye opening play at the end of the navy game

These freshmen might be excellent depth.

Not likely needed vs Temple or Tulsa.

SMU and ECU might be the need.

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