Our pop gun offense is difficult to watch

I was a Postma fan up to this point, but I’m about ready to see King at quarterback.

We need a quarterback that can make up for all the incompetencies all over the field.

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Watching this offense is pure torture.


It’s not just a Postma though. Dropped passes. Terrible blocking. It’s the whole offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same result from King.

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So what’s the common denominator. Why is Houston offense terrible,

I feel the same. This offense is so hard to watch. Ward added an element of excitement with his electrifying runs that can’t be replicated by Postma or Allen. I’m not even sure King can do it, but I’d rather see him given a shot because this is painful to watch. On top of that, it’s extremely frustrating to see how little pre-snap motion there is, and the fact that last week we used King quite extensively in the slot, but all of a sudden he’s nowhere to be found. Why are we using a guy like Dunbar, a possession-type receiver, on the tunnel screens? It doesn’t work well without a speedy WR. It’s way too slow to develop, as are most of the plays. Ugh!!

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They’ve taken the joy out of watching the coogs play. It almost feels like a job watching this offense each week.


Postma is not having a good day. Not comfortable in the pocket at all.

Guys just aren’t executing. Johnson probably just costs us a great punt. Bad plays sometimes beget bad plays and the coogs need something good to happen to get their mojo back.

Personally, I think we need to go with passing routes don’t take so damn long to develop. And what was up with the jet sweep on 2nd & 19? The offense is way too predictable. Same sets, same runs, same passing routes.

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We let Tulsa believe they can win. Any team can win a half and now that’s all Tulsa has to do.

Dunbar has 10 receptions to Kings 2. What’s up with that?

Pearland has been given a timeout.

Wow, can’t believe this effort after last week.

The same thing as the prior 2 years except Ward was here to bail him out


People will be quick to judge Postma but it’s pretty damn hard to throw 30 yards downfield with three guys covering and slip the ball in there. Some of these passes are low percentage passes, plain and simple. Bad play calling. Again, everything is so damn predictable, it’s ridiculous.

Maybe we don’t call 30 yard pass plays into 20mph winds?

Shades of Dimel. 7 minutes to go, down by two touchdowns, and we’re running the ball every play milking the clock. That’s just brilliant, brilliant!!!

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I never said it was Postma’s fault. I actually said the opposite.

There are so many offensive issues all over the field, we simply need a quarterback that can cover up some of it.

The offensive line is terrible. The receivers can’t catch or block. Our running game is inconsistent. I said we need a quarterback that can make plays in order to cover up all of the poor play out there. Postma simply doesn’t have the talent to do that. Allen can’t do it either.

Get King out there so he can at least create with his legs.

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So it’s official, SMU was a complete fluke. We feel into that offensive explosion. Nothing more nothing less. I also thought it was encouraging progress, but it was fool’s gold.

Major better be looking at OC’s now so we know who to interview.