Our ratings beat Oklahoma’s

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Fox will always beat ESPN 2


Yeah bragging how your primetime game on Fox beat an afternoon game on ESPN2 isn’t the flex you want it to be.



We beat a BLUE BLOOD!!!


I’d have preferred less people saw what happened Saturday night.


The same slot for week 2 got 2.55 million. That is a terrible rating.


Still beat the blue blood

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The Prime effect… Wow man crazy. He 10X that rating from what it would have been.

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Impressive showing for the Coogs.

We had the lowest ratings of a non cable network…


It’s not actually. It’s in fact really bad for that channel and time slotting.

Well our brand isn’t as big as those other teams and FOX did not have a college football game on week one on Saturday at primetime.

Therefore I’ll take our rating.

Awe man, we got beat by Bowling Green? And Western Kentucky?? And USF??? These are the schools that are beating us?


Well what do you expect? We are not that good this year and neither is TCU

My bad, that was Thursday Fox. NBC had Saturday night (3.5 million) and ABC did too (3.4). It appears the worst rated primetime Fox game of 2022 was 2.3 million viewers with most between 3-4 million.

You are so funny. :smile:

Those teams played against the bluest of bluebloods, Ohio State, Alabama and Michigan.

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Again, our brand isn’t big enough to get those ratings unless we are playing Ohio State, Alabama or Michigan.

I’m not arguing that. I’m showing it as proof the country doesn’t care about our games. Purdue-Syracuse rating was really bad too. Pretty much all casual fans watched Florida-Tenn or took a power nap before turning on the Colorado game.

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You are correct. No one wants to watch a one year removed G5 team that let F’ing Rice beat them. If we lose to SHSU, we will be relegated to ESPN+ for the rest of the season.

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I hate it here.