OU's take from the Advocare game

What OU is getting out of, and committing to, the Advocare game. Also, we get $400K on the return trip.

I assume we got paid for the Advocare game as well?

Maybe we got to keep the proceeds of the 22,000 tickets we sold?

That had to have been over $1M.

Doubt it I’m guessing we only keep profits from merchandise we sell at the game and our payout

OU’s allotment was 7000 and they just sold it out last week (per a tweet)? That don’t sound right.

OU gets over a mil and we get 400k for a return trip? Am I reading that right?

Me no like.

Works like the bowl game. We get ticket sales as part of the package.

It does say a guaranteed 400k though, so there must be incentives in play for us. Still, the contract seems like something the old 90s era UH administration would agree to, not today’s.

It doesn’t say anything about our commitments or revenues, just OU’s. I think we probably get over $1MM guaranteed as well.

The $400K is for playing at OU later on.

I’d like to think that this means UH will appear more often in the Advocare game. By putting the game on the season ticket package, it is easy for UH to meet its ticket sales requirement.

Agreed. Texas Kickoff folks have to be happy with the ticket sales due to Cougar fans. It would seem like having the Coogs play in it every four years or so would be good business for them.

Happiness on the part of the Advocare folks depends on more than just selling tickets. They also want to increase business in Houston at hotels/restaurants. Problem with inviting Houston is that folks tend to stay at home and drive to the game.

I used to live in Omaha and the College World Series operated the same way. They hated when Nebraska made the CWS as the local economy ended up losing a lot of money as more local fans bought up all the tickets and just drove in to the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re happy for a sellout, especially after last year’s non-sellout featuring the Aggies, but I’d be surprised if we’re offered that often.

By the way, more details:

ESPN owns the game and is motivated by profit. Beyond being able to say that the game generated $xx million for the local economy in its promotional materials, I rather doubt ESPN gives a hoot whether anyone other than itself makes money off the game.

They aren’t interested in ancillary sales for the community. They want to be the premiere match up with the biggest crowds possible. Trust me, UH got LSSE’s attention and will probably be offered a contract in the future. They want teams that can fill the stadium which is why LSU is built into the rotation.

The 2019 Kickoff matchup hasn’t been announced yet, though the 2020 one has been. I wonder who that is going to be and if UH is involved.

Not arguing with you, but under that criteria, having Ole Miss play in the game twice in three years is little short of bizarre.

And from what I gather, the LSSE folks are focusing on B12 v SEC matchups moving forward.

If that’s the case UH should schedule them whenever they can as a defensive mechanism against both conferences encroachment into our territory…

TAMU91/coachv: I get both your arguments about wanting to make as big a profit as possible or having a premiere matchup, but this game was also scheduled in 2014, shortly after our loss to UTSA and coming off a good, but mediocre 8-5 2013 season. I doubt anyone outside of the University of Houston thought this would be a premiere matchup to include the OU AD who stated that he wouldn’t have scheduled Houston if he had known we’d be this good. This was supposed to be an OU “home” game with UH fans hopefully filling in the rest of the seats. Herman turned the tables.

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In partnership with ESPN, Boise has played in several of these games since winning their second Fiesta Bowl in 2009. All of them were essentially one-off road games however.

2010 vs. Virginia Tech in Landover, MD
2011 vs. Georgia in Atlanta
2014 vs. Ole Miss in Atlanta

TCU has played in a couple of them since their 2009 Fiesta Bowl appearance

2010 vs. Oregon St in Arlington
2014 vs. LSU in Arlington

BYU played one of the in 2009 vs. OU in Arlington.

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