Outrageous UConn Predictions

Houston 97
Uconn 0
Largest margin of victory in history


Clubber Lang

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A good time for Marcus to display his talents to the Eastern press.
He’ll also get a chance against Cinci.
Marcus for Heisman!

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UH wins 56 - 0 without a first down


Dana pulls the starters late in the first quarter as UH goes up 42-0

Coogs break out an alternate uniform featuring blue pants.

Houston overlooks outrage from the Refs who throw 125 flags in the game and pentalize UH for 225 yards. UConn scores on a field gold to win the game after 24 UH players are thrown out of the game for trying to win.

So, 18 FG’s plus 1 safety ?

Or the defense scores ALL the points.

Kickoffs and pick sixes plus one play drives. Oh and punt returns

Once saw a hs game end 28-0 and winner had no first downs.

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Nice. But it is my understanding that when the offense scores a TD, a first down is awarded.

Not trying to be picky.


Thought that anytime the offense scored a TD, a first down was awarded also regardless of the yardage.

At least I thought the NFL did that, but then again, they will pad the stat sheet however they can. :sunglasses:

From another thread it should be a pick 6… that one called back broke my heart!

Derek Parish lines up in the backfield inside our 1, takes a wildcat snap and runs 99.5 for a TD.

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I predict there will be more U of H fans in the stadium than UCon fans. We will never know because they will not show a picture of the stands during the entire game.

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its game day!

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will this be the game day thread or are we going to get another one going?

UConn discontinues their football program at halftime.


I predict we play a football game today.

UConn shuts us out the rest of the way, we play bend don’t break defense, and hold on for a 7-6 victory in the frozen UConn tundra.

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