Over 4,000 Ruskys killed

If the 4K amount is true, then in just a few weeks, they’ve lost about twice what we lost in Afghanistan in 20 years.


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plus i’m reading where they have captured a bunch as well

They don’t mind losing a bunch. It’s why Hitler failed. In WW2 they’d send out thousands and rain down bullets on their own men at that very front. We care about loses, they don’t historically unless they have become more like us and care about loss of life on their side nowadays. We shall see bc there are protests in Russia and maybe they are becoming more civilized like us in caring about loses.

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There are reports that there have been desertions in the Russian military. That happens when you don’t eat regularly.

Why invade in the dead of winter?

This was a huge miscalculation from Putin. This is what happens in dictatorships, one guy can be deluded. Hitler at Stalingrad etc.

I have to think there is a secondary problem of Putin being told what he wants to hear.


I’ve read numbers as low as 700 and as high as 11000… One thing I know for sure is not to trust the CIA.

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yes, we have to remember that this is all out war. Information is used to pump up one side and demoralize the other and both sides are doing it. There is also something known as fog of war, meaning there is a lot of uncertainty in a lot of things going on right now. Nobody is walking around counting bodies. Nobody really knows what is true.


Yes, the “yes men” problem. Ex Russian/Soviet guy talks about that perspective in this

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