P5 $2.9B Income in 2019

Note the $10-$20MM/yr gap between B10, SEC v. Pac12, ACC

B12 in the middle

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And, another $20M gap to us. :frowning_face:


COVID could make those deltas even more and cause far more damage to the lower half of the totem pole.


Actually the big boys in the SEC derive most of their athletic budget through football, they will hurt as much as anybody.

How the heck is the Big 10 making more money than the SEC??? The big 12 is being OVERPAID. ESPN surely has to see that. I’d knock them down a peg or two and give them ACC type money. Don’t see them as better though.

A big chunk is Carriage Fees – Fees paid by Cable TV subscribers.

If the B10 has a team in a metro area, then cable subscribers pay full rate for the B10 channel. Without a team in the area, the fee is much lower.

That’s why the B10 picked up mediocre Rutgers & Maryland – to get the full carriage fees for the enormous NY-NJ-CT & Baltimore-DC metro areas.

Add in the areas they already had like Phila., Pitt., Chicago and they are raking it in.

True, but because of that potential loss of income, I put my money on them to be most likely to play and least likely to pack it in at any time.

No doubt the Big 12 is the most over paid. Almost all of them live off of OU and the Whorns.