PAC 12 & ACC Botched Job?

Dan Wetzel is usually a solid reporter.


Altogether now……




“Can’t blame anybody but themselves.” That’s not true. No non-monetary benefit for belonging to the ACC or PAC could possibly compensate for all that money. USC felt its concerns were disregarded, maybe, but it is the money which lured them away.

The money being handed out by the B1G and the SEC is too much to resist for any school being offered. That is it entirely. The ACC, no matter what it has done, hasn’t done, or will do in the future will not be as valuable to broadcasters as the SEC and B1G. Same applies to the PAC.

If the SEC or B1G offer any members of the ACC, they are gone. Not a single thing that could’ve been done, other than offer comparable money. That’s it. $$$$$$$$


ACC needs more FB teams that can win, Big12 has those. ACC has BB teams that win, Big12 has those too. It truly is a no brainer on what needs to be done if you are against the big10/sec. Merge then schedule PAC as OOC.

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I’m skeptical of this separating P2 super conference concept as discussed again in this article. Maybe I’m just naive or wishful thinking.

The four 16-20 team super conferences seem more balanced. The two super conferences would likely cut out a significant number of previous P5 fan bases, not to mention the remaining G5. I would expect some level of reduced interest from college football fans as a result. I can say I would be done.

I don’t think the networks want this scenario either. We’re in a bit of an arms race but I expect some rationality to prevail… I hope.

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Yea, I don’t see it either. And some of those teams grandfathered in would never have the chance to win more than six games a year. USC would go 7-6 most years. And half the country wouldn’t be involved. America likes winners but it doesn’t like monopolies.


Agreed but I do expect a sizable pay disparity between the the four super conferences. What I don’t expect is this “mega two” to break off and form a separate college football division with its own championship. That would cut out a lot of the country.

Four 16-20 team super conferences with B1G and SEC schools making $100 million+, Big 12/PAC combo making $50-$70 million and ACC in there somewhere.

Retain good bowl tie-ins and CFP access.

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I’m sick of it. I’m at the point to write my congressional representative and agitate just so I can feel like I did something. But they’d probably create some bill that ended with UH going to the Big Sky conference.

With sanctions, too.



All out of our hands. ESPN and Fox probably can restrain themselves from killing off the other 3 conferences because there is still money to be made there from those most unfortunate among us cast into the Outer Darkness. Hell, money is made on reruns of Gunsmoke, so certainly CFB has a few more dollars not yet squeezed out. :wink:

Let’s just hope it’s a sellers’ market when the new Big XIII contract is negotiated.

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This is a lazy take. After OU and UT happened, usc and ucla were going to join the BIG. 1927 gets credit for analyzing that scenario on this board

Notion that, BIG raid would not have happened, had the pac12 voted for playoff expansion is silly.

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“Commissioner Warren, we here at USC and UCLA consider our affiliation with the PAC 12 to be absolutely priceless and irreplaceable. Um, you say we could get a distribution of $100 million by 2030? Are you $%^&*& #@!^%& me? We’ll be right over.”


Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall Proverbs

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Take the money and run. Steve Miller


Wetzel is not saying the LA schools wouldn’t have left as much as he is saying the PAC12 would still be in a decent position of strength had they voted for expansion with auto bids. They would still be holding a golden ticket. That means something.

Unfortunately, just like when the old Big East turned down ESPN’s billion dollar offer (at the urging of Notre Dame no less), once the PAC12/ACC killed expansion the death knell was rang. I will never understand how men in such positions of leadership can be so short sided and frankly, stupid.


Stupid is generously spread around in this world of ours, even among the intellgentsia i.e., University Presidents, listening to the wrong voices


Add Aresco to the list too. He was really hung up that P5 conferences shouldn’t get autobids and overplayed his hand.

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How long will it be in the two mega conferences that they get away from equal revenue sharing and the drivers of these conferences want a bigger share?

I think you missed Wetzel’s point to an extent.

"Losing USC and UCLA would represent a jarring and dark day even if the 12-team, six-automatic-bid playoff was in place for the next dozen years. And USC and UCLA may have jumped for the Big Ten cash anyway.

But the future will look much different for those left behind. The remaining 10 schools may have struggled with less revenue or a foothold in Los Angeles, but it would still have had automatic access to the playoff and at least that playoff revenue stream.

At least some of the most competitive and talented recruits would still play in the conference. And while the lack of media cash is daunting, schools such as Oregon or Stanford are wealthy enough to bridge gaps."

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