Pac-12 has "multiple bids


Sill don’t understand how this scheme would work. If I recall, the bulk of the money would just go back to the schools as an additional payout, a small percentage to the conference network, and worst of all, Larry Scott would still be the commissioner.

Anyone have any insight?


Really tough to tell exactly how it would work. Supposedly, the company that invested would get a vote when it comes to conference issues. How much that vote is worth may be a sticking point when it comes to how much is invested. I would imagine the company is going to want quite a bit of say when it comes to money issues. Could mean a change in how the network operates, could mean Larry Scott is doomed, could mean nothing…hard to tell until the plan is exactly in place.

But one thing is just about certain, the PAC12 is mortgaging some of their future earning to get cash now. Will be interesting to see if it works out how they want it to.


Someone on Facebook posted about how great it would be if one of those investors turned out to be Tilman Fertitta, and that if that were the case, then maybe he could help get us in the Pac-12.



I could see him being part of an investment group, but that’s a lot of scratch to plunk down by himself.

Keep an eye on Fertitta Capital. It’s a group that’s owned by Tilman’s brother, Lorenzo. Lorenzo, and his brother Frank, are huge backers of UNLV. Could the brothers maybe band together and capitalize on this opportunity?


Thanks Pray…yep, I can’t figure this one out and I am really surprised any investment group’s bit on this one, it’s been dangling for a few months. That payout to the schools is a one-time payout, so the optics are looking like they are not thinking long term investment but short term shot in the arm. Why would anyone just hand a seemingly mismanaged conference $750 mil with that strategy?
Even if the Fertitta brothers were to invest, it would still be 2-3 years before there’s a chance of either of their schools of interest would be brought into the PAC12 fold. To me, UNLV and UH joining the PAC under those circumstances would be Big East 2.0. I can’t imagine this conference which has been very tight about expanding and has excluded schools like BYU (religion) or Boise St (academics), would be very happy with UNLV and UH essentially buying their way in. I could see the Arizona schools and Colorado bailing immediately and it being a political cluster with possibly other teams bailing (USC to B1G would be natural to me). I could see the whole conference blowing up.
I just don’t get it…maybe its genius in some way I am just not understanding


Agreed…dangerous road they’re paving.

Also opens up questions about their non-profit status.

That’s been suggested as a possibility. That alumni groups from G5 schools would be able to buy their school’s way into the Pac-12.

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There is a lot of money on the sidelines (so to speak) looking for an investment opportunity. These kinds of deals don’t need to make financial sense if somebody thinks there is a market and or has more money than they know what to do with. See any number of tech stocks if you want an investment example of something that makes no sense but has crazy high value.

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It’ll be interesting to see what sort of strings and conditions are attached with these bids.

Certainly interesting…Pretty sure we have the means to buy our way into PAC, if that becomes a necessary criteria.
B1G GOR expires in 2023. PAC expires in 2024. We likely will start to hear about what those 2 leagues intentions are, when it comes to expansion, some time before, maybe 2021, 2022. Already some smoke in the air…

Could John Moore step in?

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Maybe, as part of a group.

If they can get this deal expansion becomes a lot harder. The Provare [quote=“Coog20, post:8, topic:19244, full:true”]
That’s been suggested as a possibility. That alumni groups from G5 schools would be able to buy their school’s way into the Pac-12.

Risk there is the media networks may not be too pleased of a bunch of G5 programs are forced into the conference. You can’t just add programs without impacting your media value.

That’s true but if a team has the following and support to put up half a billion or 3/4 of a billion to get them into a Power conference, then there’s a good chance there is value with that team. How many G5 fan bases could gather a group of investors willing to put forth that kind of money to get their school into a Power Conference? I’m sure the Pac-12 will have some restrictions when it comes to who can invest and what say they have within the conference, as of right now it’s just speculation of what could happen.

Not many G5 programs pairs (if any) will qualify.

More rich parents trying to get their kids into Stanford and USC? :smile:


I’d be more concerned with the rest of the conference schools accepting any G5 school buying their way into the conference. As I’ve stated above, that sounds like a recipe for disaster for a conference…I think schools would be scattering all over the place

If these guys pony up 750 bones…they’re going to make sure no one goes anywhere for a very long time!!