Pac 12 has to make a move now

The Pac 12 now has the entire remaining Big12 asking for admission while HOUSTON has more value to them than any of those remaining B12 schools.

The Pac 12 is not going to just stand stilll when they may have a last chance at the Texas Market and the Central Timezone

The Big 12 is now a sinking ship about to go the way of the big east.

Khator and Pezman better be having intense conversations with the Pac about Houston’s admission!


Why is it their last chance? What other offers from major conferences are we turning down right now ?


i dont get the rush… or the “now” part… it has officially been set up that they can enter the texas market whenever they want in the future…not a single texas school is turning down a pac 12 invite now or 6 year from now…if anything their is incentive to wait as a&m has publicly shown displeasure with the sec and could potentially look to break away a few years down the line

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We have been talking to the PAC 12 for a long time. Our leadership is completely prepared to take advantage of this situation…Everyone has been waiting for Texas and OU to jump and destabilize the Big 12…Now, its happened. and the PAC 12 can comfortably bring in 4 and make a big presence in the state of Texas…You think its a coincidence we have been playing PAC 12 schools in football and basketball? It isnt.


Nobody on this forum has any clue what conversations are being held

The fact that nobody from the AAC has issued a statement when there are clear reports of potential G5 to P5 poaching could be a good sign.


Yeah. I don’t think we just started talking to pac just this week. Probably started after the last B12 realignment fiasco. In Khator We Trust!!

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The reason they need to act now is because of their next TV deal coming up in 2023!

Do you not realize what the SEC is going to make the PAC12 look like? They and the Big10 are about to takeover all power and respect which may include killing the Pac12’s credibility even more if necessary.

If the Pac12 doesn’t have enough good product and market share NOW for its next TV negotiation, they will be screwed. And do you think USC is going to hang around for that?

Where would they go?

Their tv model is subscription based. How many fans of texas schools are going to sign up for pacnet. That’s what matters and nobody moves any needle.

Why are we doing this? No one is leaving the SEC.

obviously now… did you see the statement made by a&m in the media day… he said texas A&M he saif a&m having its own identity outside of UT was paramount… 8-12 years down the line the become little brothers again and the pac 12 is back to thriving, who knows

The Aggies will, they are not starving for cash and the SEC with UT in it will become toxic-fast.

However, I do not see the PAC-12 expanding past the MW time zone. Their geographical profile already covers their core schools and frankly they don’t need the constant Texas drama.

So A&M will willingly take a $20M paycut just so that they can be away from UT?

And what do you tell the high school kids in Texas that you are recruiting?

Makes a lot of sense.


The Pac doesn’t need to move now. They’re in a position of strength.

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who knows what tv values will be in 15 years… you are making a ton of now presumptions for future decisions

a&m publicly said this despite this being in the works for months and it being already being a done deal

NO they arent! They are the poorest and least visible P5 conference, and now they have the opportunity to make big inroads into the central time zone and add 4 schools and carve out a big niche in the state of Texas…Their own marketing firm they hired for advice about what to do advised them to expand EAST into the central time zone. Now they have perfect opportunity to do it.


Aldine, if PAC were to add 4 schools, who do u think it will be?

Yeah the PAC is bleeding. They are also mostly run by Ivory Tower types who have a long history of making poor decisions, so don’t count on them to do what makes sense. It’s not a given the flagship schools want the conference to survive.

If the B1G wants to grow to respond to the SEC they could pick off USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon, and anybody else they want. They would probably want Stanford and Cal for research connections. The Pac12 flagships have been frustrated.

I would think the rush now is that this will be the first time in years that established P5 programs are looking to move in mass. Sure you missed out on the two heavy weights but if you move quick you still have the pick of the litter. The Pac wants to expand. They want to expand into Texas why not make a preemptive strike to secure a Texas team or two. Otherwise you run the risk of leagues higher up in the pecking order (ACC or Big 10) moving in and taking a school you mightve been interested in. Take Tech and 1+.

Nope. Outside of USC and Oregon, and some cameos by almost everyone else, those two own the PAC. They won’t leave, but may be up to improving it. No need for them to do anything right now. They can wait a year when their new media-savvy commish, Kliavkoff, has an idea how it may shake out.