PAC 12

Remembered when some of y’all wanted that invite to the Pac 12 last year :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I think most folks thought of that as an ideal landing spot if we were once again snubbed by the big 12.


Ahhh mannnnn. He got usssss. Should have just wanted to stay in the AAC!!!


I don’t see the Pac surviving. This has the feel of when the SWC broke up.


Can the ACC dissolve without GOR penalties if a majority of the schools leave at once?

If so, i think this will be the next domino. Only way to get “tent pole” programs out of such a bad deal.

I was wrong about the B1G expanding to the West Coast.

But I am completely VINDICATED in my advocacy for the Big 12 over the PAC.

If we had listened to the pro-PAC people, then we’d be stuck in AAC 2.0.

Glad we didn’t get lost down that rabbit trail!


There might be some good teams available as it breaks up.

If that article is right that Oregon and Washington would cost B1G teams each 6 million a year in lower revenue - they might not make it. I thought they would be invited for sure.


The noise about USC being unhappy was all over but it’s interesting the B1G invited them. Maybe this is a response to the SEC adding UT and OU.

Where is that article?

The hardest thing for me to imagine was the travel costs for non-revenue sports.

Imagine the costs of flying USC and UCLA women’s sports to Rutgers and Maryland every year?

I guess the $100 million in football revenue will pay for that.


Only two schools have won the womens beach volleyball national championship. Both are going to the big 10.

Hes referring to the people who wanted us to jump ship from the Big 12 the second we got in it.

See “ media rights value thread”


The key is Oregon. They have put way too much into their program to let it become a lower tier. Until we know what Oregon is doing I won’t believe the demise of the Pac is inevitably


The Pac may survive but i guarantee you theyre regretting being previously opposed to playoff expansion


I think everyone’s dream scenario of the teams in big or pac 12 is join the BIG

I wanted the PAC invite and was right to want it. The PAC invite would have only happened if USC and UCLA were on board. Which means they would not be leaving. And other Big12 teams would be coming also which would have destroyed the Big12.

One big reason the PAC did not expand is probably because USC and UCLA already knew they wanted out.

So PAC expansion would have meant stability, non expansion was a sign of instability.

Plus leaving Baylor behind in a weakened conference is my petty dream.


Sure it is.

But who in the Big 12 now would rather be in the PAC?


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The SEC and B1G will create and control the next CFP. I think there will be no byes for conference champs but the top 4 will get byes. That could be 2 or 3 SEC teams. Any other conference that doesn’t agree with it, doesn’t have to join.

The ACC and PAC shot itself in the foot.