PAC Expansion

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Yes old news

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Maybe I have my head in the clouds but I really don’t think what our current fb record has anything to do with expansion. The decision makers are looking 3-10 years out as to where the streaming and remaining tv markets will be. A conference like the PAC also has just as much interest in cultural and academic fits as well. While we don’t have as many due to monetary constraints, our commitment to the Olympic sports is a plus as well. All are growing stronger in both success and scheduling.

I take the above analysis lightly.


Been posted multiple times. Old news…

Please look at the date before you post.

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Tough crowd. lol


Can’t you see we’re all under a lot of stress here!!!



I like how the writer avoids bringing up our recent wins over UCLA and Arizona. We can easily match the current PAC12 and our market is much larger than most outside of LA. Once we join and add the higher level Texas players, we would compete for Pac12 titles yearly. imo


The problem is conferences are not looking for members that need to be in their club in order to be like them. They want members who are like them now.

And that’s why I don’t think the Pac expands.

If adding the Hannibal Lecter Culinary Institute would substantially increase the per team payouts, they’d be voted into any conference they chose, even if it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

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Agree. PAC does not expand. AAC stays together at the worst, adds three teams.


I can’t believe the other 3 P5s would surrender the state of Texas TV market to the SEC.

I’m sorry, I can’t believe they are waving the white flag over Texas.


Ron I do think that holds some water. Plus if you are going into Texas wouldn’t you want two schools that historically have given Texas and A&M fits.

To me our PAC 12 hopes are in the fact that we are the school the other Texas schools have actively tried to keep out of the P5-4.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Wouldn’t it piddle in everyone’s wheaties if we were elevated?



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None of those conferences has ever had a team in Texas. Why is now different?

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Correct, but Texas has 2 P5 conferences and will soon have one. B12 will be demoted to G6 status and the Pac-12 can accelerate that by adding a couple of B12 teams plus UH of course.

The state of Texas is big enough to have 4 P5 teams. It’s just a matter of whether the PAC12 wants to garner a fair share of the Texas TV market.

We will know soon.


…and if it works out with TT and UH to the PAC, it will put the four schools that SHOULD have access to the PUF in the P4s.


The PAC hasn’t been in Texas for its whole existence. Why panic now?

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Have you been asleep?