Paper City analysis of Coogs

Chris Baldwin comes out with another great article today. I love they way he gets into researching what he wants to write and the humorous analogies he uses when describing the team and staff.

For those of us that enjoy and crave entertaining fast paced games, I was happy to read about our future coach’s desire for the same…

Houston falling into stretches where it does not play as fast as it should is a particular pet peeve of future head coach to be Kellen Sampson. The younger Sampson’s brought it up in interviews with me for several years.

Enjoy the read.

UH’s Midnight Run


“We had film at 12:30 in the morning. We didn’t leave till about 1’o’clock in the morning,” Houston guard Quentin Grimes says. “The culture here is different. I don’t think any program’s doing that.”

Great article about the tweaks the staff made. This quote summed things up lol.


Of course many of the fans that continually dog on Dejon probably won’t like it. He’s the best PG in the AAC right now.


I don’t know if Deeky is "the best " point guard in our league right now, but he certainly is the most fun one to watch. There is sometimes no telling what he will do with the ball, especially since he is so versatile. But, one thing for sure, and that is he is very good at taking whatever scoring opportunity the opponent’s defense will give him.


It’s simple. He is a 5th year senior and he knows his job.

He sees the court better that any other point guards I have seen this year.

He is great defender, rebounder and assist man.


I love how he baits the offensive guy into going to the rack on a fast break…only to come out of nowhere with the block. He’s a master at doing that…and frankly, it’s a thing of beauty to watch it unfold.


These Paper City articles are just excellent!


I’m counting his defensive prowess, which is AA caliber. The job he did on Alston of Boise is unbelievable if you’ve seen any Boise games.

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Dejon, is the man. Those who dog him can’t seriously be following our team.

I’d be very happy to see him seek out shots for himself in the paint more.

He can get by his defender whenever he wants.

We need to keep up that intensity for the rest of the season. It can’t be just here and there. Keep pushing, keep running, keep driving.

It’s not our intensity that bothers me, it’s getting our offense in sync and consistent. We have to have our key guys stepping up from here on out.
I think coach speeding up the offense is brilliant!


I think Dejon got a bad wrap (maybe deservingly so) for making some bone head plays and decisions on the court the previous two years. However, the growth in his game and maturity is undeniable. He reminds me a lot of our former RB Kenneth Farrow in that way. Came in as a bit of a hot head but by his senior year was an absolute work horse and leader on the team. I think its a shame that some of our fans decided to write Jarreau off early because he’s turned into quite the player/leader for us. Also in a day and age where not everyone stays long enough to get their degree, he chose to stay and graduate. And knowing some of his story, that fact alone should be enough for people to want to root for him!


His great plays have far outnumbered his mistakes. The dude is a baller period. It takes courage to play the way he does. He lays it all on the line and I appreciate it.


One of the big keys in the WSU game was Deeky having to sit with foul trouble. He was the one who could defend Etienne without giving ground

No one plays harder than Dejon. If Tramon develops into playing with Dejon’s intensity, he’ll definitely be in the NBA


DJ’s game has improved a lot under CKS. Whether has a shot at the NBA, is due to CKS’s influence.

Other players should take note.