Parking for the game vs Tech

I purchased my season tickets and received my tickets for the Tech game and the games at TDECU with the parking passes. Before I buy a parking pass online to NRG does anyone know if a parking pass will be sent later by UH or do we need to buy them on our own?

Can we just drive up and pay for parking when we get there??

I think each lot has a separate charge?

If you get CP parking, you should get parking pass for NRG. Go back in where NRG tickets were and check for parking. Mine were added at different times.


For those who don’t get a parking pass with their ticket, I would strongly suggest you park at the Fannin South rail terminus and ride the rail a few blocks away.

Yeah, taking train. Screw traffic.

You’re going to be on that rail for an hour


You were 100% correct. It took some hunting but I was able to find the parking pass and add it to my wallet. What’s confusing is it shows Blue lot, Row G24, seat 3?

Good to hear. Mine also has specific row/seat but expect to just get in Blue lot.

I am parking downtown and riding the Red Line.

Have not found NRG parking pass. What is the title of the email to help my search?

Not sure about an email. It is in the Texans App with my game ticket.

I’ll take an hour on the rail minding my own business over 20 minutes worrying about the jackhole next to me trying to run me off the road because they’re the most important person in the world and their life apparently depends on getting out of a parking lot one car sooner.

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I hear you but the mixed TTU-UH crowd after a few $20 beers and one side losing their season opener is not always “ideal” on the train either especially with young children. And there will be plenty that feel they don’t need to wait in line for the train. Hopefully, I will be in a good mood after the game and take the higher road.

In the Texans app, choose the “Manage Tickets” near the top of the three bar menu options. I found my parking pass there.

Edit: Here is the “official” parking map from the Good Sam Texas Kickoff Page

The ride back downtown on the train was uneventful. No one acted stupid.

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Excellent. Guess they got it all of their system in the Club level before they left!