Parking Pass

Would anybody be willing to trade a blue lot pass for a stadium garage pass?

I’d rather have a blue lot pass to tailgate if we want to.

Please DM if interested.

You can probably still get CP to make that change for you, I did the same thing a couple weeks back.

I called twice this morning. First time they said they would call me back. Second time they said it was sold out.

My buddy called this morning and was able to switch his out. So who knows.

Are you wanting to switch garage parking for blue lot pass for the season? If so, i have a blue lot available.

Call Cougar Pride. You should be able to “trade down”. I did so this morning.

I called with the same issue, they said they were sold out but were releasing more blue lot parking passes. They were going to swap mine out.

I DM’ed if you’re still interested.

I was able to email them when parking pass was sent out and was able to switch from Green Lot to Blue Lot. It’s just more convenient for me to be in the Blue Lot. I have done that the past two seasons.

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