Parking this Saturday for Basketball and Football

Does anybody know how parking is going to work this Saturday with the basketball and football game. It would be asinine for UH to make season ticket holders for Basketball to have to go to their cars and move them across campus and repark. I have season tickets for Basketball and have parking by Music College while my Dad has season tickets for Football and parking in the green lot completely across campus opposite side of the quads. Surely UH would not make a alumnia and season ticket holder have to move cars all the way across campus between games?


I heard 1 parking pass will work for both events.

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that garage gonna be packed before the football only folks get there

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Well leave it to UH to not make things more clear on this

I am riding the rail. F parking…


Same, EADO for some World Cup, then train over for the basketball game.

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Roses are red and Cougars are too,
Moores lot for basketball is green and not blue.

The faithful all wondered what time Cullen would close,
To avoid aggravation, frustration and woes.

At night they tossed and turned out of fear,
For a big day of Saturday sportsball was near.

Coog fans of all ages excited for wins,
Full of school spirit and gleeful with grins.

But where should we park when arriving in masses?
Don’t ask athletics, with heads up their (tookus)


I called the ticket office and asked if I would have to and check back in after the basketball game and was told no, I could just leave my car there. I would think that most people that have garage passes for basketball have the same donor level to qualify for football as well even if they aren’t football season ticket holders.

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Only season ticket owners get parking passes though.

But basketball season ticket holders get them also. I get both for football and basketball and I would bet most of the BB season ticket holders are also football season ticket holders. The ones I know are and were football season ticket holders before they bought them for basketball.


One of these should be in every thread these days…


My situation is a little different. I buy the season tickets for basketball and have a Cougarpride Account while my dad buys the Football under his own. His Cougarpride level is higer then mine. I am just hoping that I dont have to park in the lot across Moores then have the inconvenience of having to move to the green lot for football other side of campus. My dad can make the basketball game and I can make both so just rather not have to move my car.

I have parking in the garage for basketball, and, although I qualify for garage parking for football, a bunch of us opted down to the blue lot for tailgating reasons for football. A couple of my friends have garage parking for football, but when they want to tailgate with us, they have not had a problem using their garage pass in the blue lot. I am just going to park in the blue lot for both games, and tailgate before basketball and between basketball and football games.

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I heard that we need to use the foorball parking map. So if you’ve got a green lot pass for basketball, you’ll need to go to the football green lot.

That could be totally wrong.

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Same situation for my group. Garage for BB and downgrade to Green for FB tailgating. Half of our group does not have BB season tickets. I plan on moving my vehicle from the Garage after BB game to Green lot for FB tailgating. Just can’t use Cullen to get there.

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