Pass coverage. Nickel

Question. Why doesn’t Nick Watkins come in at the nickel instead of Joel Williams? Either have Watkins or Myers play the slot on pass downs. Joel Williams seems to always give up big plays on 3rd and longs.


All the dbs give up too many yds on 3rd!


I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, that nickel corners and traditional corners have different skill sets. If they want Watkins to play slot, they need him to practice there and on the outside. That would kill the depth on the outside since the coaches don’t have any faith in anyone else right now.

But, something needs to be done with the position. It does seem that Williams is often in the wrong place or getting beat. Stuard was supposed to be competing with him, but Davis’s injury put Stuard as the 3rd safety.



We dropped three EASY ones…EASY.

You cannot pass on those gifts. They absolutely would have changed the game earlier.


There is a little different skill set but we need our best cover backs in the game. Something has to be done. I think Myeres can move to slot and cover. We are giving up too many big plays through the air on 3rd and long

That is why alot of them play in the secondary if they could catch they would be WR.

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Williams is playing safety. With injury to Davis he is now in safety rotation of Anderson, Sprewell, Stuard.
His blown coverage was at safety…he played some snaps there before Davis went down vs TT.
CMD played Williams in slot last year and mostly blitzed him. He has played more coverage this year. But he is good pass rusher off edge.
I didn’t watch whole game back yet but Watkins didn’t play too much I think…more at end…??? I don’t think Kadarian saw field???

Watkins was credited with 4 tackles and a PBU. Believed he also dropped a pick (might have been the PBU), but he definitely saw his normal share of playing time. Tulsa didn’t seem to go at him much when he was in there.

K.Smith is listed as playing last night, but I think it was just special teams. After his breakdown on the double move against TSU that led to the long TD, I doubt the coaches trust him in there with the game on the line.

He also fell down on key play vs TT…score 49-42…he had coverage on Vasher 3rd and long and fell down trying to turn himself

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Saw three examples of future defensive backs in Needville last night. Looked like Cougar db’s . . . . .