Past Coog Games thread (1997- present)

Always like looking at past Coog games on YouTube & watching a bit of them. Decided to start a thread.
If you also find some, feel free to post them here. Any game? Maybe not the Alcorn St blowouts, but games that were close/interesting

These are full games only. There are other games on YouTube that are cut up highlights. Might post those here also

#19 SMU at Houston (Feb 2017)

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#18 Oregon at Houston (December 2018)

LSU at #24 Houston (December 2018)


UCONN at Houston (February 2017)

The battles with those loaded WSU and Cincinnati teams 2017 after getting stomped at WSU. That’s when our program grew up to manlyhood.

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Memphis vs Houston (March 2002)

Houston vs Kentucky -Sweet 16 (March 2019)

Houston at #8 Cincinnati (January 2018)

South Carolina St vs Houston (December 2014) no audio

East Carolina at #23 Houston (February 2018) no audio

Houston vs Wichita St - AAC tournament semifinals (March 2018)

Houston at LSU ( December 2017)

Utah State at #20 Houston (December 2018)

Saint Louis at #24 Houston (December 2018)

UCF at #8 Houston (March 2019)

#14 Texas Tech vs #17 Houston (November 2020)

#22 Cincinnati at Houston (January 2017)

#17 Houston at Temple (January 2019)

CBS version

Dicky V version

Houston vs Baylor - Final Four (April 2021)

Virginia at #15 Houston (November 2021)