Patience. Some waited 30 years. We knew this would happen

CDH just needs 2-3 years to get this right. At that point we will be almost a decade in with one farce “good season” in 2021. I’m coining “the lost decade” now.


Yep, ones are all offensive line is loaded with for five star players we will finally win the line of scrimmage

I’m not waiting 3 years, man.

1-2 mid way through September. We’ll be lucky to win 5 games.

We don’t have three year unfortunately. The landscape keeps changing and UH needs to step up and be competitive and fill the stadium or this invite to the party will be rescinded. We are keeping up with facilities but it’s eye balls and butts in seats going forward and for Houston fans to show up you have to win. Plain and simple this program lacks leadership and it has to change now or we lose our place at the table.



We waited 30 years and picked up right where we left off – getting our butts kicked up and down the conference.

We need a sarcasm tag on this site


We were beneficiaries of timing. Had the PAC gone into upheaval earlier, UC and UH would not have been invited. University leadership needs to figure this out quickly as time is not on our side. You can’t keep down this path with a fluid landscape in conference affiliation. Want to stay in the party? It’s time to change. I was a DH fan when he ran offenses but this is not going to cut it and we had officials making boneheaded moves that are now hurting us. This will not sustain in the new college football. Change or be gone. We don’t control that directly but those that do need to make this realization now or get ready to head back down a level.

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