Patrick - update

I posted this on the original Patrick thread, but wanted to make sure that it didn’t get lost in the thread…good news.

**Received a quick response after he re-tweeted a another post on twitter recently. Stated…(paraphrasing)…"thanks…still some issues, but getting back soon. Mainly needed a break"

Sounds positive, but hope he takes his time coming back. Gotta take care of yourself and family first. Coogs a close second. :slight_smile:


Everybody needs a break at times. Take all the time you need.




The guy is awesome and one of a kind. Get well soon Patrick, we miss you, a brother!


Patrick is awesome…I only know him from online and have never really interacted much with him, but hope he is doing well.


I hope he’s doing ok. I know I see him tweet or retweet Coog info on Twitter. He probably just decided to stay away from this forum. It was a lot of work that he was doing on here, lot on his own mind you but also helped manage all shenanigans on here etc. I honestly can’t blame him , it can get ugly on here. I’m still mad that someone on here said I “Sucked” just bc they felt like it, without provocation whatsoever. And the mods leave it up bc I guess they pick n choose who they want to discipline. I can assure you if it was other way around i prob be permanently gone!
Ok sorry not sure why I went there but just bothers heck out of me and I hope it always will.


Have had some communication with Patrick in the past few months. Still involved with the Coogs with twitter on occasion, always in the most positive way when posting. Just kinda wore himself thin with his dedication to family, self and coogs. Hopefully he’ll pop up back here when the time is right, but right now just doing what is best for him. He really does appreciate all the thoughts and kind words.


He’s a great Coog and a fantastic moderator. Really appreciate and miss his posts on UH football.