Paul Finebaum: Oklahoma desperate to get out of the Big 12

The issue for us is simple. Until Texas commits to a league, we ain’t going anywhere. We’re second prize.

As long as the Pac 12 or ACC etc think they’ve got a shot at Texas, they aren’t going to make a move that might harm their chances of landing UT.

Once Texas makes a long term commitment somewhere, then we become more attractive to the losers of the Texas derby.


I would argue that only TCU has shown the ability in that group to finish in the top 10 without the assistance of OU and UT hype. Schools like Temple, USF, UCF, Tulsa and Memphis would probably pass schools like Texas Tech, Baylor, KU and KSU with Big12 money.

OSU and TCU would most certainly begin look for entry in one of the other four conferences to keep the revenue stream they are dependent on. Bottom line is, it would be better for UH to stay put and for the AAC to make offers to TCU and OSU than to yet again join a conference that is unraveling and struggling to earn respect.


If that’s the case I hope they take Navy and Memphis out of the West. But staying in the AAC, which is building successfully, is the smarter choice IMO.

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Have to stay relevant until this happens.

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Meh, I’m not too worried about what other schools choose to do with their own league. They can burn bridges all they want, it will catch up to them sooner or later.

I’m worried about how we are going to improve ourselves and make ourselves the most attractive candidate. I think we are doing just that. Enjoy the summer guys because it is coming fast enough and before we know it will be football season again. Lol!

Go Coogs!


I see it the same way. The Big XII left overs along with UH, Cincy and a couple of solid G5’s with upgraded/updated facilities (BYU, Colorado, State, etc.) would be better than the current AAC or the left over AAC, and definitely better than the MWC.

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