Paxton: Political Hack

His latest political lawsuit. Has anyone calculated the expense to taxpayers of his various politically motivated lawsuits?

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He’s a hack. No argument from me there. But is it too much to ask for representatives to cast their own vote? Or are we about to allow others to cast our votes in elections?

He’s suing over pandemic stuff. He’s just being a t(e)rd, which seems to be his nature. Bi-partisan proxy, BTW.

Once again, pandemic.

Good that is 1.7 trillion of graft and corruption

Having Ken Paxton as the state’s top prosecutor is an embarrassment to most of we prosecutors.

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So you are against the appropriations towards the department of defense and veterans? Those were part of that appropriation.

The inability (or refusal) to think things through is a bad handicap to have.

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No but most of the rest is a boondoggle.

Go finish your one pushup, that should occupy you for 1hr or two.

You originally said the entire appropriations bill was graft and corruption. Are you now backing down on that statement?

If so, which parts of it are you specifically calling a boondoggle?

Well over half is defense spending.