Payouts from Tournament


How much do we get?

It’s only fair we get $8.1M; Memphis gets $4M.

Others…up your games!

I don’t know exactly, but I have read that the team(s) who earn it get a little more than the rest of the conference. So maybe 1.5-2.0 million?

Do we forfeit our shares from the date of notice or when we officially leave?

The credits are paid on a rolling 5 year average so we wont really get anything from this tournament. I wonder if we get full shares as soon as entering the Big 12 though, because that will be more money anyway.

I think we forfeit. Maybe the Tournament units could help with the negotiation to leave the conference. We have added a hell of a lot of them the last few years.

I doubt we would get any Big 12 shares.

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5 years without any payout from the credits? I could understand it being something like 1/5, then 2/5, etc.