Pearland Little League

Looks like we may have some recruitable potential on the Pearland Little League Baseball team.

They stopped covering at the end or maybe mid 4th today at like 19-0 over Abilene.

Pearland had stopped running on pass balls and wild pitches.

Abilene had a bad day and Pearland had a terrific one.

It happens and Abilene has no reason to be ashamed, lots of teams would have loved to be in their position.

Look at who they were playing those guys are not even top 300 in Houston. The reason that Houston is not a good baseball program is because of the guys they recruit. Whittings son plays for the Banditos in Houston and Whitting gives out scholarships like candy to about 4 of the guys on those teams that don’t really have a plan b just because they are on that team. Just to be honest some of those kids would be lucky to start at a juco d2


Idk how well 6th grade all-star baseball transfers to D1 but I do know that UH should be A LOT better with access to the players coming out of high school in the Houston area that we have.


Lol a top rated guy in Houston would rather go to DBU


Yeah… That’s the problem… Pez needs to fix that if CTW can’t.


Little league is not real baseball.

Probably 20-25 “Majors “ select teams( just in the South) that would crush anyone at the LLWS.

Nothing against those kids at all….I’m sure most play select ball and enjoy it much more.

Several years ago my sons Select team won the Battle of Omaha tournament….the team representing the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic were there( just took there World Series team to the tournament)
Run ruled both teams……huge difference in talent level.

DBU beat out the Coogs for the Ridge Point catcher

I’m sure he wanted to play in the NCAA tournament….easy choice actually.

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Please share your expert analysis on the local guys UH has committed for the 2023 class.

It doesn’t, really, but the top US LL teams usually have at least a couple of future D1 guys. Projecting 6th graders in any sport, much less baseball, is mostly a fool’s errand.

Again - these kids are living in far suburbs where the perception of 3rd Ward to them isn’t Mayberry so your dealing with that before you even recruit -

Then you have the team track record which doesn’t help

Then you have folks from other places living in houston or burbs telling you to leave the city for the “experience”’

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When I left Houston about 4.5 years ago sure seemed like 3rd Ward was being gentrified to me…

All this about 3rd Ward vs suburbs is almost wholly irrelevant to the discussion here, especially when talking about the Pearland Little League.

There are tons of high-level suburban players who literally couldn’t care less about the neighborhood. It’s not even a factor worth discussing, unless you’re talking about kids from small towns who grew up scared of the “big city” - definitely not a suburban view.


Like Ryan Wagner from Yoakum? He wasn’t too scared was he.

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Depends on type of small town kids

Some want to get out and love it

Others realize this is a big world and can’t stay sheltered but never adjust

The average beyond Grand Parkway Suburban kid? You gotta nail it right as they have options and will leave if it ain’t too their liking

Nope. Most aren’t. My point was that it’s not at all a thing in the suburbs, and it only occasionally comes up at all. This whole thing about non-city kids being scared to come to UH is utter nonsense.


I agree with your point 100%.

Most of the showcase teams I have coached have been made up of San Antonio suburban kids and some from rural areas.

I guarantee you not one of them would have turned down UH because of where it is located.

We have played in tournaments multiple times on UH’s field and the kids and parents had nothing but nice things to say about the campus.

TW’s problems recruiting those kids has nothing to do with any kind of culture shock……pure non sense.


you just proved my point - UH appeals to out of towners - they’ll give it a much longer look than some Woodlands kid unless there’s a big UH tie

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CTW’s recruiting agrees with you…

All I know is that there is a lot of baseball talent in Houston and most of it goes to other universities to play ball.


If one actually visited and offered local kids ( which was at best weak or non-existent for years ) you’d be surprised how many would accept… Coach Kivett seems to be changing that


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