Penick Court

At the Fertitta Center. Generous donation by donors to rename the court. Was the court already named after Elvin Hayes though?

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They shoud name one of the entrance areas inside the arena after Elvin.


Howie Lorch & Elvin Hayes have their names on the sidelines closest to the student section.
“The Floor”?

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Yeah it would look dumb but would also honestly be a total UH eye rolling thing to have both Penick court and Elvin Hayes Courtside both written on the court. Sometimes the marketing department and UH’s ideas for naming rights make me bewildered. I wouldn’t be shocked if UH doesn’t start trying to sell naming rights to everything from the basketball goals to the entrance tunnels. Hey we are not like UT and swimming in cash lol


Maybe they could sell “naming rights” to each individual board in the court. Very small names on boards . . . . .

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My name should be on the ATM machine for all those times Hofheinz didn’t take credit cards at the concession stand.


I’d use the FunkMaster ATM


Wasn’t it Guy V. Lewis Court at one point?


With all due respect, I don’t understand how anyone could ever walk outside their home without at least ~$100 in their wallet. I guess that for younger folks plastic has now taken over for paper money.

So I guess it is going to be Penick Court and Howie Lorch and Elvin Hayes Courtside. Im all for honoring individuals but that is alot of names to be on a court and does not sound smooth to say.

The gift that creates Penick Court is a part of the University’s “Here, We Go” capital campaign. UH eclipsed its original goal by raising more than $1 billion 18 months ahead of schedule. The campaign will conclude in 2020, but the momentum continues.

“UH’s world-class athletics facilities wouldn’t even be possible without this kind of support,” Vice President for Athletics Chris Pezman said. “We are grateful for the Penicks’ generosity and proud to have the court named for two of our biggest fans and most ardent supporters.”

Where is Guy V’s name. I thought it was somewhere.

So did I, as I posted above.

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Yes, but THAT was the name of the court at the old Hofheinz Pavilion; Guy V. is now memorialized in the name of the new Basketball Development Center.

What I keep asking is “can’t something be named for Harry Fouke”? We would not even HAVE an Athletic Department if not for him! Suggestion - for about the tenth time: name the Athletic Alumni Building (HATE than non-name) for Harry; there used to be a building named for him, but they tore that down when they built the new building. The donors did not want the replacement named for them, so - name the stupid thing for Harry!


Ok so I’ll ask. How much do you have to donate to get a court named after you?

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I should have a urinal dedicated in my name.
You can only rent beer!!!


That’s a cool thing they did. Basketball program is just going up :point_up:.

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There were lots of times when I was young that I didn’t have $100. Of course $100 back then would be like $500 or more now. I have a 1967 life magazine and it has an ad for Volkswagon beetles with the inscription, “What you can buy for $3400.00” which was like saying you can buy two beetles for what a regular car costs. I don’t know what a VW beetle costs now, but I know its a whole lot more than $1700.

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