People are getting tired of Bama in finals every year

2014 Ohio St-Oregon:
2015 Bama-Clemson:
2016 Clemson-Bama:
2017 Bama-UGA:
2018 Bama-Clemson:
2019 LSU-Clemson:
2020 Bama-Ohio St:
2021 UGA-Bama:

it’s time for a change to the playoffs.
Next year Bama vs ?


Maybe not.


Bama is the head honcho of the college football cartel — the Power5.

That is because Bama was so hated by college football fans that they tuned in just to see it being beaten by a team (Georgia) that had a legitimate chance at beating it.

Easy solution - beat 'em.


I don’t think that is true, I think some people are; but most want the 2 best teams in the finals. As long as Bama is one of those two, I think no one really has a problem or a leg to stand on. Personally, I thought the game last night was great. For a long time it was a great defensive game and then it got blown open.

HoustonCoogster is correct.


Wait until the sips figure out the NIL. They’ll make Bama seem like Mother Theresa


Nah, I think most are tired of seeing Bama in the title game. People in Alabama are probably tired of it. lol


I just want more variety. Expand the playoffs and if Bama makes it to the finals, so be it.


When was the last time Saban’s team threw 57 passes in a game !! Maybe never.

I think Bama was “Bill O’Brien” ed !!


There are two ways to get the most people to watch you in anything – being the most loved or the most hated. I have forgotten which professional wrestler that said it, but he said that being hated was fine with him since it’s more money in his pocket just the same kind of thing that well-loved wrestlers enjoyed.


SEC vs SEC is a bit of a bummer, interconference play is way more exciting


ESPN is using some clever math, and the awful TV ratings from last season, to obscure that it was actually one of the least watched championship games in a long time.

Going back to 2005, two of the four least watched championship games were SEC rematches.

(The previous Alabama-Georgia game actually pulled in respectable ratings, so the issue is probably less SEC-SEC than it is regular season rematches.)


From a TV viewership point of view, you’re underestimating the power of hate watching.

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Great post parialex. This will be highly studied at the stinky rodent headquarters. This has to be a huge concern come the cfp renewal contract time. Without a doubt this is telling the cartel that this four team cfp format has to be altered. To lose 4.3 million viewers over two years time is major news. Keep in mind that both teams are from the SEC. This shows that the cfp is not attracting but losing viewers all around the country.

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Unfortunately, with hate watching, they still get the viewership and ad dollars to go with it. If you really don’t want something on TV, the only solution is not to watch.

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Auburn should have beaten Alabama. The coaching staff and a running back that couldn’t stay in bounds cost them the game.

I didn’t watch because I felt Georgia tanked the SEC Championship game so the SEC could have two playoff.teams.

I do respect how SEC teams will take a loss to help the overall power of the conference …

Which is the reason I haven’t watched a college football championship game in over a decade!