People here that thought that Tulsa would win…

……:rank right up there with the people here that thought we should stay in the AAC rather than go to the Big 12.

Glad to say that in both cases, I was on the correct side.

Granted, I didn’t pick us to blow them out the way that we did, but really.

Did THAT many people honestly think that a team that lost to a I-FCS school would beat us?



Right there with you.

Should have amended by 7 (x5) predilection.

I ALWAYS believe the Coogs can win… But even Vegas hosed this one royally. So, not surprising many thought they would have a shot to beat us… At their house.


As I posted elsewhere, if we couldn’t beat a team that was 1-3 with a loss to a I-FCS school, then what would it say about us?

The oddsmakers were NUTS in this case.

We didn’t lose to our I-FCS opponent.


I was wrong and I already owned it on the score prediction thread. Reasons I thought Tulsa would win:
The way they played Oklahime st on the road
Our history of poor play at Tulsa
How predictable our offense has become
Tune’s tendencies to throw interceptions

People can say Tulsa is terrible all they want, and from what I saw last night, its true, but I’m proud of our team for complete 4q domination. We may be better than I gave credit for.

Let’s see how they do next week against a better opponent, on the road, on another short week.


Tulsa had suspended or held out several key players for that game so it was not indicative of their capabilities.


100 Percent Correct…

Just wondering - what makes you think that Tulane is a better opponent?

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I didn’t think it was about how good Tulsa is, the question was whether we are first half vs TT or second half vs TT. Our 3 wins didn’t illuminate much.

There’s also the possibility not to have known if we could win, it’s not just right vs wrong. Vegas only wants to make money.

It was a game of unknowns. One team beats bad opponents, the other loses closely to good opponents. I thought it was smart for Vegas to put the line close.


People are worried about Tulane, but Tulane’s defense may as well be an FCS team compared to Tulsa’s D.

I had a fear that we might lose but I still picked my coogs to win in our weekly pick’em on csnbbs. I can never pick against my coogs.


There were reasons to believe that Tulsa was more likely than not to win. One indication of that is that dispassionate Vegas said that there was a good chance it would happen.

Cal Davis is 4-0 and rated MUCH higher by Sagarin than Grambling. Like 140 places higher. The Aggies are rated higher than Rice and Navy too.

That’s why Vegas thought we’d lose. Up until last night we’d played one team with a pulse. It was also our first trip outside the city all season.

That’s also why I refuse to trash the win as if Tulsa sucks. They don’t. They might not be good but winning at Tulsa is a solid win.


And as I said before, that line was ridiculous given that Tulsa was 1-3 with a FCS loss.

It shouldn’t have been relied upon by anybody, given that.

Doesn’t matter that players were suspended.

Having a few starters on the DL or suspended shouldn’t cause a MLB team to lose to its AAA affiliate.

A FBS losing to a FCS is equivalent to a MLB team losing to its AAA affiliate.

They don’t seem to have problems scoring points. I think it will come down to time of possession and if we can refrain again from turnovers.

You have to look a little deeper than that…. As has been mentioned several of their players were out against Davis…. They lost by 5 on the road to #19 Okie St. and rolled up 500 yards against Ohio St. on the road and we’re in that game until the fourth quarter…
And not all FCS teams are the same…. You know this right?

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The Big Sky, of which Cal Davis is a member, has combined for 4 wins over FBS teams this season. Two of the wins came at P5 stadiums.

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So HAL is better than Vegas … eh …

HAL you lucked out … plain and simple … Tulsa gave both OhioSt and OklaSt fits and lost to a lower division team … it HAPPENS in football ole positronic brain …

I already stated in another posting what probably happened and I didn’t tell anyone to shut up or claim to be better than Vegas …

Montgomery probably needs to fire his DC or demote him to a gatorade carrier … rushing only three and dropping eight on many occasions COST THEM THE GAME … it turned McCaskill into a Bama RB and they were most likely looking to cashing in on Santa Claus Tune and in bundles of his INTs which never happened … but just the reverse … their QB turned into Santa Clause with more INTs than Liz Taylor’s marriages …


Lines exist to get people to bet and for Vegas to make money, not predict games. I’m guessing the line did just that.


Should’ve bet my house at UH +3, but there’s a reason I don’t bet sports anymore.

And because I want to continue to live in my house.

And because I never bet the Coogs.