Per Dodd: Notre Dame will wait until after Cincy's postseason activities to offer Fickell

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The lack of an interim leads me to think they’re going to wait until after the CCG and then make their move.

(Which is, to be clear, better than is typical.)


Hopefully, the rumors of their coach’s move will distract them the same way that UH got distracted in 2011…and help us win!


In 2011 it was the coaches who were distracted.


Maybe Fickell and his staff will be similarly “distracted.”


We would not have been happy if SC, LSU, or UT had announced they would wait to offer herman until after the season. It would have had the same effect. Also, that means they have agreed already on the terms.


He’s gone!

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I actually hope it’s not a distraction…. Beat them straight up….

No excuses for them after losing.

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Ha ha ha!!

So, I guess ND wants to lose again. Midwestern catholic high school recruiting? Are they on drugs? There are few if any midwestern catholic high schools left, at least in the numbers that can produce the athletes they need to compete at the highest level. Many had to shut down due to the Catholic Church’s “issues” (cough, cough).

Every time ND gets a coach who actually can recruit (i.e., Lou Holtz and Brian Kelly) they seem to run him off. If they don’t want “certain types of athletes” at the school, then just say so.

Good luck being 8-5 (if they are lucky). Could not have happened to a better set of jackasses. I cannot think of a more arrogant bunch of d-bags than Golden Domer fans.


Have you met Sip and Ag fans :grinning:

my thoughts exactly. I understand schools have tradition and private schools have certain entry requirements but to hire a coach to “renew bonds with traditional Catholic schools” doesn’t really strike me as being relevant at all for recruiting purposes.

also, you know damn well there have been plenty of conversations between the two, they just aren’t going to make an official offer until after Cinncy loses to UH this weekend.


Cincy likely loses Fickell but will likely gain Freeman. How could they be so lucky?


Good point. I would also add Georgia Football fans, who act as if they have 15 national titles when they have 1.

They have only played in 1 CFP, which is the same number as Washington and Oregon.

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for your consideration:
Cincy loses to UH this weekend giving Notre Dame an opening into the playoffs. Fickell is hired as the new coach, retains staff for one game, and coaches ND in the playoffs.

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Sounds good to wait, but what about your recruiting class. It would make sense if the DC stays who worked with Fickell and he can keep that side of the ball current as to recruiting.

Reports are that Kelly is making the hard sell to Freeman to come to the Red Stick and be the highest paid DC in the country.

I am not sure what ND can offer to get him to stay, as they are notorious for being unwilling to overspend on the football program.

In other words, I would guess that as soon as Fickell accepts, Freeman is gone!

Freeman worked with Fickell so he can potentially pick his boss.

So Notre Dame wants to keep their academic requirements really high on athletes and pull from catholic high schools. They are really boxing themselves in. I wouldn’t go there if I was Fickell.

I see why BK left. He took them as far as they are going to go. At LSU, he has no restrictions.


Good for them. personally, I think there should be a rule preventing teams from contacting potential coaches who are currently with a team that’s still playing. Rule should prevent active coaches from contacting teams, too.

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