Per ESPN: AAC is price gouging fees for pre 2024 exit


Good business.


It’s absolutely what I would do if I were in their place.


I once again must go to the GF 2. There is always an answer for every situation.


He has to based on UConn situation. I’m thinking 12 mil/ Team will be the #. Only being let out 5 mos early.

You have to consider the perceived value of each team as well. UConn is a name brand for some reason, but these programs are more valuable to the AAC than UConn I would think.


UConn’s departure didn’t result in a significant reworking of our TV contract. Our departure will. So letting us go a year early literally costs the conference money. No reason they should have to bear that cost.


Pay them! It’s worth it


The extra season of TV rights alone will cover a lot of it. Maybe all of it or more than all of it. I’m not sure.

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Cmon guys…it’s not the exit fee Aresco is angling for…
Again, think about it. TU and OU, and The Four Horsemen will ALL pay 1) exit fees, and 2) entrance fees.

Look at it as a big Poker Pot, with all those chips in the pot. You have ESPN as chip leader with 65%, Fox with 20%, and CBS/NBC with 15%…I am just making up numbers, but you get the idea…

ESPN is the Croupier, and says “Hey Big 12, SEC, ACC, Sunbelt, etc…DO YOU WANT TO GET PAID OR NOT ???”

ESPN then TELLS everyone what they are going to get and how they are gonna get it.

End of story.

Unless BIG or PAC make a bold move to raid (the new) Big12, this is how it is gonna go.
And this is why 2022 is in play.

I positively LOVE how those lying pants on fire Austinites are saying that they “will honor the 2025 “ time frame for exit…
You bet…

So Aresco is angling for a renewed contract with ESPN, once the AAC has added new teams. He is comfortable presiding over his fiefdom…

A different prospective. We can look at this way too. A different movie for a change.


Then our answer is we will pay nothing, we will leave after this season, and the AAC will pay our exit fee.

Might be able to trade exit fees for a scheduling alliance with those that move on. Will give AAC good competitive scheduling for a few years.

There is more than one way to skin this cat.


Exactly what I am saying…those fees are just the ANTE…and this will all shake out in 2023 or sooner (!)…

Or we can get it over with. Take the bosses advice, and pay them now.

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Bidness be bidness.

Correct me if I’m wrong but AAC pays us 7 mil a year .Exit fee best guess 15 mil plus Big 12 enter fee 2.5 that’s 17.5 mil if we pay and leave now .Why is this not a no brainer to just pay the fee and leave now if we will be making 25 mil plus with the Big 12 we would be loosing nothing but gaining a couple mil to leave .

Can the future NCAA Tourney credits from UH Hoop be deducted from the exit fees?

Watching Virginia v Illinois on ACC Network and they keep showing “AAC willing to let teams leave before 2024”.

ESPN overlords have spoken = they want UT/OKIE in the SEC ASAP.

Why do think it’s not a no brainer Eric?

This is likely ESPN trying to put pressure on the AAC for their own agenda.

At the end of the day the teams will negotiate their best deals

I could be wrong just seems like the faster we get to the BIG 12 the faster we get BIG 12 money which is alot more then the AAC money just seems like a no brainer to me

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