Per McMurphy: Colorado will be back in Big 12 for 2024 and official announcement coming later today (Note: Big 12 owns the trademarks for Big 13-16)

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man we got in by the skin of our teeth, wow!


I think the big question is who?

Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Washington and Oregon.

At this point, we should let them all know that if they want full share, they must join now.

Based on Yormark’s love of basketball, gotta be Zona


Imagine if USC and UCLA bolted before UT and OU or if the Pac would have expanded after UT and OU left

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Baby bull says to grandpa bull sitting on top of a hill- “Grandpa, why don’t we run down there and mate with one of those cows, Grandpa bull responds, grandson, why don’t we walk down there and mate with them all”

How about them all.

It is good to be on the right side of history for once.


Because this conference is mostly going to be capped at 16. We can’t afford to take all of them.

That’s what makes this so complex. Everyone knows that UO and UW want to join the Big 10, and it’s unlikely that they would commit long term to the Big 12. They probably want a clause where they can leave without penalty (maybe a small fee).

How many years will UH play Colorado with Coach Prime as head coach? My wild guess is two: 2024 and 2025. I hope he stays longer but after 2025, he will have been there three years and the newness of joining the B12 will have worn off. And there is always a better position down the road.

I understand.

Then the two in Arizona and Utah and call it a day.

Anyone but Utah.


If I’m Yormark I will entertain an inquiry from up to 5 more schools from the PAC - Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah. I will offer them full shares up front like Colorado but I WILL NOT allow them to have a reduced buyout from what the other Big 12 teams have signed on for. The Big 12 is unified. You want to come over here and get more $, then no prima donna special treatment. If a day comes in the future where the BIG wants you then okay, pay up whatever your contracted buyout is like anyone else leaving at that time. If they can’t accept that then kick rocks. UConn is my backup if I end up with an odd number of schools and want an even number.

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I doubt that happens

OU and Wash aren’t going to the B10. The B10 could have them at pennies on the dollar this minute. It wouldn’t worth it to give concessions to schools that are running from a sinking ship.


Yep we are real lucky we are in, should be safe for awhile as a P5, but can’t backslide have to win some and have fan support, there might be another realignment down the road


There is always a realignment down the road. Just gotta be put yourself in the driver seat.

We need to put the accelerator down to the floor. No time for 5-year warm ups or getting a feel for things.

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You had me until UCONN