Personal attacks = suspension and / or permanent removal

We really really hate to have to do this. But it’s getting out of control. Mods of weary. Soooooo…

Personal insults, name calling, and personal attacks of fellow posters will result in suspensions.

1st offense = 2 day ban
2nd offense = 30 ban
3rd offense = permenant removal

If someone insults you FLAG IT, do not respond in kind . For those who think this is censorship or squashing debate… not at all. You can disagree without insulting someone.

Lastly, an insult is not something someone says you don’t like. It’s name calling and crass judgements of other posters.

Thank you. - Coogfans


Players and coaches are fair game though, right? :grinning: (Always one in the crowd…)



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I agree, name calling is not the right thing to say or do. We can disagree on many issues and we can debate them but in a way that will make us different from other sites or groups. I love my University and all its sports, and I don’t care if they win or lose because that is part of the game. My cougars will always have my support.


I’m with you Sergio!

Thanks all. Please know our goal is to keep this place a friendly place and unlike 99% of the rest of the internet where it is just profane drivel on boards and comment sections. Believe me, we don’t relish having to moderate.


Sergio…it’s me, Coach.

Good to see you here! This place will be more ‘normal’ once we settle back into a routine and can talk Coog sports.

To everyone…Sergio is one of the best and most loyal Coog fans I know. And even better, he’s one of those teachers that kids love and remember forever. He positively influences young lives every day. We worked together for many years and I saw it over and over again. It’s nice to have him contributing here.


Players should not be attacked. That used to be the policy. Has it changed?


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