Personal Insults

Please stop with the personal insults, effective immediately. I’ve sent notices to several here on it already.

Many … most here in this forum have paper thin feelings and flag posts from both sides like they breathe air, freely. I don’t get to all of them until they pile up (and they pile up!), and I let most all of the flags go (allow the statements to stand).

However, the terrible, unfounded insulting names y’all call each other is against forum policy and will be managed accordingly.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t catch them all because I have other responsibilities, but the ones I catch will be dealt with swiftly (timeouts first, then longer penalties after).

State your cases, insult the politicians and their policies, they deserve it. But stay away from threats, hateful comments towards each other, etc.

Thank you and try to be nicer to each other. Politics does not make the person, any person.