Pez interview with Sicem365


Good interview.


Great quote

son of a gun we are in bizarro world


$70M raised for Football Ops/End Zone suites
$140M project
Suite money will allow for bonds for part of the $70M deficit
$15-25M left to raise

The interview was fine. We all know what the b12 does for us. What I want to know is what are we gonna do to win. Win in football, women’s basketball, softball, baseball?

The b12 isn’t coming with a handful of money to make us coach and play better. In fact, there’s every indication that a program that can’t win its conference in the AAC is going to fare demonstrably worse in that sport in the b12.


REALITY CHECK - There’s also every indication that a program that must operate at a $0.60 on the $1.00 budget (relative to it fellow conference member) and which has a sub-standard facilities and a substandard NIL program has little chance to recruit and win at a really high level.

So if you are currently giving to UH athletics at high level, then by all means ask Chris Pezman where best to apply your contributions. However, if you are an everyday fan like most of us, be glad that we’re in the Big 12 now and will have a chance to compete and build up our programs over the next 5-7 years by which time we should hopefully be on a more level playing field with respect to our facilities and hopefully our fan support and NIL contributions.


So we just need to wait 10 years

My expectation is to be the best of the 4 in the same position as us the next few years. No excuses there.