Pezman says stadium to be expanded

I made it home in time to turn on the local news (my mistake, I know), but Ch. 13 had an interview with Pezman, who said something like keep turned soon for news on stadium expansion. Anyone see that?

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With awnings?


Either we’re going 50k or 60k in time for Big 12 expansion



oops, misread

IT’s 40k now.

Stadium’s Capable of two 10K expansions to 60K


yup, brain quit for a bit

Thanks for those pictures on the 60k expansion; although I’m surprised it’s a go at this time.
But if they have data showing the need …that’s great…if real. Are those new photos or
upgrade options from the original presentation ? The notch view ( obstructed by IPF)still appears to survive in this expansion.

I couldn’t find anything on channel 13 website about this expansion. Links anyone ?

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I predict they’ll add rows to the North side upper deck to about 48-50k, and maybe close that weird hole in the northwest corner. Fifty thousand should be all UH ever needs unless we start winning Natties. I hope they don’t over expand. Look at U of Miami as an example. When they were top dogs they were selling out the Orange Bowl. Even thought they’re winning again, they’re not selling out their stadium by a long shot. Though I wish the Fertitta Center held a little more, the school was smart by going relatively small (see comments re empty seats during “sell-outs.”: .


Does the Big 12 have some stadium capacity standards and requirements?

did he specifically say seating or could the expansion be the football operations building?


My guess they will add more premiun seating and put seats on top of the new ops building in the hole the endzone corner

If Snoopcoog heard correctly, expansion is different from addition. A new football ops would be an addition, unless it’s built into the existing structure, which I doubt.

I don’t see any official requirements but the smallest Big 12 stadium holds 50k if you count SRO.

TDECU as it is would easily be the smallest stadium in The Big 12 and the 3rd smallest stadium out of all P5 schools. Only Washington State and Wake Forest have smaller stadiums than TDECU amongst the P5.

It would be a mistake to expand now. Lets run a few seasons at 95%+ capacity and then look at expanding.


I’ll be surprised if they expand the stadium, especially in light of the fact that there will be no OU or Texas games. Maybe it’s a bid to move marquee games into TDECU and less to NRG.

I would, however, like to see them expand the unbuilt portions on the sides of the suites. Would be great to have party decks or other types of innovative ideas.

not the greatest as far as detail but it looks like it is attached to TDECU

I think Nippert Stadium (Cinci) also holds about 40k.

My guess is that this is something that came up in discussions with the Big 12 and we pre-emptively offered to do it in our sales pitch.