Photo of Med School’s first graduating class with Renu and Tilman

I was both a commuter and lived near campus for a while. Being both types of student, I often
hung around to attend various things on campus. I’m an outlier in your view.

IMHO the majority of part time commuter students don’t really bond with the school ever
or become supporters of the school in future donations or later attendance of athletic events. Of course with any broad generalization like I just made, there are exceptions, and many on this board that are great examples of that. But remember this is a board of ~600 active for a school
with 200,000 graduates.

Exactly…many schools have waiting lists for season tickets that seat 60k 70k 80k or 100+k…and they are significantly smaller schools than ours, from a total enrollment standpoint

UH has almost 47k students enrolled

LSU has 37k students
Alabama has 38k students
Arkansas has 32k students
Oklahoma has 33k students
Tennessee has 36k students

But waiting lists for season tickets is not the only measure of someone’s ties to the University or how deep those ties run. Especially when you consider the schools you’re comparing to have all had much more successful football programs historically than UH as well as more investment in those programs.

If football season tickets is the measure, you should look at the trends. Is our season ticket numbers increasing? If so, that would indicate more of the commuter students are having deeper ties to the University. This would suggest a change in the average commuter student and may suggest what you term as an outlier now is actually the majority. Conversley that the self loathing UH grad that you’ve brought up before is now the outlier.

Our season ticket holders increased mostly because of the move to the Big 12, not for the reasons you stated.

I agree with what NRG and 1927 say.

And in fact, it may be getting worse given that our university just moved about 4K undergrads from the College of Technology off campus and made “super commuters” out of them, completely detaching them from campus life.

Of course not…i listed numerous other items in one of responses on this thread.
.still sad that those schools have enrollment 75% of UHs and we struggle to fill a smaller stadium and they don’t struggle to fill a much larger stadium.

You tell me what it is?

Im only using football as one example because many alums plan their whole week around returing to campus/ tailgating/ networking before the game.

We contine to MAKE EXCUSES as to why our students/ alums are so apathetic in so many areas.

And to answer norberts swarmy claim… Med Students are not the studehts we are even talking about.

We are talking about forming a better connection with our broader general undergraduate students