Hate to start another new thread, but just got home and am too depressed to look at the DVR. On Tulane’s ot drive, was it pass interference or not? Did not look like it from where we were.
I realize that one play is not why we lost. Just curious. We lost because we were outcoached and outplayed and outsmarted.

The only upside is when I get some time with my son at a Coog game, it’s a good night.


Overall the team is just undisciplined, but we get a few totally ridiculous flags mixed in. Hypolite was playing the ball and the receiver wasn’t even looking. Prior to that seem like run of the mill handsies from both guys. Haven’t rewatched though

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I thought they might call offensive pass interference.


I thought it would as going to be offensive PI as well

The refs are going to hose us all year. It’s our last season in the conference.

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I was at the top of the stadium but looked to me like defender played the ball.

Friend watching home said defender got there just a bit early.

I haven’t seen it except live, and with Cougar Red lenses.

The refs don’t need to hose us, our coaching and defensive play on the last series of every game is enough to hose ourselves down.


Just rewatched it a few times. TE engages with Hypolite after releasing off the line but once ball is in the air it’s all TE PI and not even playing the ball imo.

With that said, seemed like Tulane was gonna find a way to win it and we kept finding ways to help them.