Pictorial Book Available for Preorder (Chronicle) - Update: Canceled Due To Lack of Interest


Thanks for posting. I’ll have to order a few for me and gifts.

I ordered mine, too. But I just got an e-mail saying the publication was canceled due to a lack of interest and my money is to be refunded. Strange. Orders were to be collected through April and they’re already claiming lack of interest?

Houston Comical…

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Yea I got the same email. Weird.

They didn’t do a good job promoting

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I get The HC every morning and usually read the UH articles in the Sports Section. I don’t recall seeing it advertised in there.

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Somebody wanna ask JD about it? I feel the advertisement was just up for a day or so. I tried to preorder the book on Tuesday and the link was broken.

Obvious enough to me… They just weren’t interested in publishing good about UH

That really sucks!! I was really excited about this.