Play of the game

The McCaskill fumble recovery meant an opening drive TD instead of an opening drive TO in 4 point game. Bad things happen with turnovers but we sure dodged a couple of bullets yesterday tho.

It’s a game of inches.

I don’t think I like the double pass to QB on opposite side of field too much or it still needs work.,


I think Seth had someone open down field from what it looked like…. Just panicked and threw to first option.

LOL. Some option. Targeted the quarterback, and the DB and Right Guard end up fighting for the ball. Thinking that’s not how Dana drew it up.

Antiperspirant spray-- Right Guard

Degree (extreme blast) is superior. lol :crazy_face:

Heck! That play did not even fool me!

Thing is… We were moving the ball; we didn’t need to try that garbage at that point.

Decision making on both trick plays was not good. On the throwback from Seth to Tune we had 4 on 3 so we had numbers for Seth to just run the ball. On the flea flicker Dell was wide open but we threw into triple coverage and probably would have been picked if Herslow doesn’t turn into a DB to break it up.


Yeah… That decision was awful… I hope Tune cleans those throws up next season. He’ll be really, really good if he does.