Player’s perspective: An insider’s look at what it is like to see your coach leave for another job

@CougarRed2013 (Ty Cloud) wrote this one. Good look into the locker room:

Editor’s note: Ty Cloud is a former University of Houston offensive lineman who was part of the Cougars when Kevin Sumlin bolted for A&M. He provides his take on what it is like for a player in that situation and will be a regular contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.

FWIW, it’s pretty revisionist to say the 2011 coogs weren’t anticipating a move to a power conference. Remember, at that point, we had just been invited to the Big East, which was a BCS conference at the time. Boise hadn’t backed out yet. Our basketball team was still going to a conference tournament at MSG. The C7 were still in the league, as were Louisville and Rutgers. That didn’t really start falling apart until the end of 2012.

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Ty was and is a great Coog but a Coach that is not fully invested is prone for failure.
scumlin and th failed because they were not fully invested. Ty knows that the difference between a win and a loss is now very minimal.
Ask yourself this question:
Would a Southern Miss player be motivated to play against an undefeated and highly ranked Team?
You all know the answer. It applies for both Coaches. Ty knows it.

Southern Miss played their butts off, cost their team a bus load of BCS money, lost their coach, and went 0-12 the next season. I’m not crediting them with much.

How about Western Michigan?

Here’s a question – what if coaches that tend to lose at the end of the season leave because coaches that lose at the beginning of the season don’t have as good of a resume for the same jobs? Like, it’s easier to justify the hype behind a coach when they’re, say, 9-0 rather than 7-2, even when they’ll both wind up finishing 10-2.