Players transferring has started

Adeeb Atariwa, a standout defensive tackle, and D’Angelo Amos, an all-conference punt returner and safety, decided to join the Wahoos. It’s the third FCS transfer the Cavaliers have added in August. FCS All-American running back Shane Simpson joined the program earlier this month after Towson’s fall season was suspended

If the ACC cancels we should try and go after Miami’s QB, he’s from Manvel.


Have any Southland teams cancelled?

If so, then we may poach some of their talent.

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Yes, I heard that kid at Miami has some ties to Houston…


I hear he likes to quit on his team mid season


Southland will wait until UT, LSU or A&M cancels - that’s all that matters to them

Aye… Sounds good. We can use a QB

Yeah don’t think Acc is canceling unless everyone else does…plus is it a good idea to bring someone back who bailed on your program?

It was a joke.

I promise you there’s no way KIng would want to come back, and there’s no way Dana would take him back.

Everything’s good just the way it is as far as that goes.


I thought so lol

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