Players UH Should Target in Portal

I would initially target post-graduate transfers from P5s and G5s. They can come immediately and provide experience and leadership. Think Kody Russey. There will be demand for P5 players and the competition will be less for G5 players. Pitch to those G5 players this is their chance to impress NFL scouts against better competition.

I hope the staff has identified who they intend to target and puts on a full court press. It will be interesting to see if the NIL strategy has changed since last season.


Absolutely critical that we find some quality offensive linemen. Not sure we’re really hurting anywhere else, but we could certainly use defensive ends, linebackers, and safeties.


Russey was a gem that fell into our laps. If you can get a plug and play Russey, do it. Not many are plug and play Russeys though.

The problem with relyingONLY on transfers, as we appear to be doing, is that you never establish a culture as most of these are 1, or 2, and done.

You need a HS recruits nucleus to establish the culture and then the transfers fir into THAT culture.

Our basketball team has this down perfectly…transfers know which culture they are entering.

CDH has no culture and has no culture “ambassadors”


Preach it, Don27!!!

There are only two examples of taking rejects and making them champions. The 79’ Raiders and the Bad News Bears. It doesn’t happen that often.


Additionally, almost everything I have read about players in the portal indicates that the quality is in the skill position players and that line help is very hard to find and often goes to the highest bidder.

Should definitely add some O-line players. Some secondary help wouldn’t be bad too.

Target EVERY standout who is from the Houston area.


Front 7 we need depth, run stoppers, and pass rushers

Champions? We have won 2 conference championships this century. So let’s build on the culture?

UH has 3 Conference Titles in 39 seasons.

Before that we won The SWC 4 times in 9 seasons.

Must be our Coaching Staff. Something happened after 1984.

For the next 39 seasons.


It is pointless to speculate on the portal unless one splits the conversation into “with CDH” and “without CDH”, but Oline and Dline has to be in both.

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Can Dana beat out those schools. I doubt it.

Same ol story with Dana. We’ll end up with 2nd or 3rd team transfers.

If you remember last year, we lost out on a bunch of pass rushers and oline. Maybe we were just outbid.

Lot of people still don’t understand that’s it’s strictly $$ that drives recruiting. If we signed a bunch of high school kids and they are really good, there would be bigger schools offering way more $$ to pull them away.


This is why I am curious if UH has changed its NIL strategy from last year’s lessons learned. It seemed like this board was living and dying with every potential transfer that named UH in the Spring, only to get disappointed. If you have a solid OL and DL, everything else in those units seem to perform better. Since Paul is leaving for the draft, getting a LT is numero uno.

He’s from Long Island and went to Penn. Wisconsin is real popular on LI. Big 10 in general. Maybe wants to go South and has lots of options like GT, Duke, UNC and Miami.