Playmakers: Marquez Stevenson

_The Bear Raid is never synonymous with technical route running, but new coach Dana Holgorsen’s route combinations and formation variance will force defenses to find Stevenson in different areas of the field. Cougar fans can look forward to seeing how much the receiver develops into a great route runner. That progression will be the difference in whether Stevenson is simply a burner or grows into a complete receiver. _

If that happens, the AAC may want to discuss terms of surrender.


Yeah, so Marquez and King are two reasons why I think we have a fighting chance against OU. King has a much better arm that GWjr and we had no receivers like Stevenson the last time. Plus, Bryson Smith and Singleton are faster than any of our WRs back in 2016.

So I like our chances on the offensive side of things. Only question now is can the defense get enough stops?


Stevenson is a great talent and let’s not forget we now have some real coaches for him.


I noticed that the first time King thew the ball to Ward…King remind me of Warren Moon with the spiral on his ball and his accuracy on this throws…

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What I’m looking forward to is the progression of all the WR’s catching the ball. We have guys with speed but last year there were way to many drops. I have a feeling DH is going to make sure that ends. I remember him putting an emphasis on catching the ball when he first came to UH as the OC.

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Yeah, which is why I didn’t mention Corbin. I like his skills, speed and athleticism, but sometimes I could swear his hands are made out of concrete.