Please no politics

We know these are tense, uncertain times, and it’s affecting everyone. Regardless, keep politics off this board. Thanks.


Agreed! Thanks for the reminder for everyone.

Agreed, but it is tough. I know, but what about criticism of how it’s handled is that seen as political? I recall during past hurricanes, we were critical of FEMA and how it was handled. We have become so hyper partisan any criticism is seen as political, bias, or fake news by any side.

Because critcism of how it is handled is usually without knowledge and often politically motivated bias slipped in.


People simply can’t talk politics without getting ugly. This is not new and is why we dispense with all of it. Even the slightest tangent that hints political devolves into insults and bickering almost instantaneously.



Not all people…


How about insults being the trigger instead of politics being the trigger?


He just used the term, “people.” Not funny for us “beings.”

Be glad he didn’t call us “humans”.

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Politics trigger the insults, and yes not all people, but it only takes one to drag the whole thread into the mud. So we choose not to entertain it at all on Coogfans. It’s not like there are not a million other forums on the web that welcome political discourse.

Just wanted to be clear on what the problem really is, politics or insults. People have been known to discuss politics without insults and insults (& threads going down the drain) can grow out of just about any subject.

I just don’t like stifling valid, non obtuse, respectful opinions of any subject. We’re adults. I’d like to be treated as one.

Ok point has been made. Let’s focus on the Coogs. Thanks.

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