Please put Allen in

Please. Never should have switched to Postma to begin with.

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Are you serious? No thank you. Put King in


Its not going to make a difference. Neither of them is the answer.

Start looking to next year when they both move on.

Should have never hired an uber conservative head coach is the correct answer


Agreed. It is time for King to get a shot

And for goodness sakes, we need some up-tempo quick-strike passes to get some Rhythm to the offense. They’ve looked completely flat and stagnant to this point

UH = USMNT. Lifeless and unmotivated.


Time for Arena action?

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Horrific coaching decision to not give Allen a chance.


Neither Postma nor Allen stand a chance with our offensive of line.

King gives us the best chance because he can at least run faster for his life!

It ain’t the players !!

It is PRIVATE Applewhite !!

The decision to hire him was about the same as hiring Drexler as B.B. coach.


Drexler drew a crowd at least for a short period of time

Ding ding ding

Drexler was way worse. Applewhite tries.

Continuity hire 2.0…

3.0 if you count Jenkins.

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Just remember that Gary Patterson lost the bowl game that started his head coaching career and then went 6-6 in his first year in CUSA.

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Patterson didn’t inherit as much talent. The cupboard is not bare here. We may not have Greg Ward, Jr anymore but Applewhite has arguably the best defensive player in the country, a five-star quarterback, two four star running backs etc.

We didn’t just get whipped, we got whipped by a 1-5 team and looked very lethargic doing so.

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They may have had slightly worse talent, but they also played in a weaker conference. They did have the 25th and 51st highest rated classes according to 247 for the two years prior to taking over. They didn’t have Ed Oliver, but they had some talent.

He had a similar issue that we have in that the upperclassmen aren’t/weren’t high on talent. Franchione was only there three years and they were terrible before they got there.


I’m not saying Allen is the answer, but when asked at his press conference if Applewhite considered putting in Allen after INTs, he said no because they were poor passes, not poor decisions

So INTs from bad decisions unacceptable. INTs from bad throws ok

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