POD: Talking Mutin leadership, defense's goals and more!

POD: Andy Yanez & Dayon Dunlap talk Houston LB Donavan Mutin, the defense’s 2022 expectations & women’s basketball Ron Hughey on 2022-23 season goals

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Mutin spoke to reports on Aug. 19 as a part of the final training camp availability for the Cougars before the season gets underway. He talked about his growth into a vocal leader, and the two hosts discuss how valuable he is for Houston both on and off the field.

Then, Dunlap and Yanez talk about the Houston defense across the board. Linebackers coach Archie McDaniel also spoke to reports on the same day and discussed what the expectations of the defense are. The Cougars are looking to put the successful 2021 season in the rearview mirror and set a new high-water mark with the program.

Lastly, the two hosts discuss comments made by women’s basketball head coach Ron Hughey, who spoke to reporters on Aug. 19 and said he believes there is no one in the American Athletic Conference that should be picked to be preseason conference player of the year outside of Laila Blair and preseason defensive player of the year outside of Britney Onyeje.