Podcast update from JD

I’ve been given the green light for the UH podcast. Thank you to everybody for the feedback.

I’ll roll out a format in the coming days. At the beginning I probably won’t be able to take live calls but can send out a Twitter/Facebook call for questions and answer 4 or 5 each episode.

I’ll also get a bunch of weekly guests, from national writers to the beat writer for the opposing team that week to special guest appearances from UH coaches. I’m going to keep it UH heavy but as a former poll voter and current Heisman voter we can veer off into a few national topics occasionally.

I’m super pumped for this.

Looking forward to the first episode. (Be gentle on me as we get off the ground)

As always, see you on Periscope or Twitter.



Thanks, JD! Looking forward to it.

I’m totally excited for this! Thanks for all your work JD!

Very cool!

Can’t wait to hear it


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