Point guard recruit for 2024

I am concerned that we are not going to get a point guard for 2024. Sampson was asked about it at his radiomshow and he said he had his eye on one but didi not give a name. Im assuming its thomas. But right now he is a arizona lean. For all you recruiting guys, what is a possible fall back if thomas goes to zona? Is wilson a fall backfor a year since he does have 2 to play worse case scenario? In this offence i think we really need a good one. From galen to deeky, to shead we need that next guy.

Thank God for the transfer portal. If we don’t have a high school prospect, we’ll just dip into the portal and find a veteran proven guard. CKS has talked about the benefits and sometimes preference of using the portal on many occasions specifically for these types of scenarios that you present.

No need to be concerned here.


When Sampson says he has his eye on one I wouldn’t be too concerned


We’ll find someone and we also have Kordelius

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Portal. That’s all I have to say. Portal

I’m with you RW; and I would bet that CKS has his eye on more than one and who knows who it would be? Kelvin has his eyes on a lot of guys and they aren’t always the guys with the most stars and most press. He will find someone that his dad will buy in on.

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Shead is being cloned right now


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Did anyone even know who Taze Moore was before we got him? That’s just one example. We’ll be fine.