Poland refuses to play Russia in WC playoff

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That begs the question of why the world cup is allowing Russia to compete. They should be banned as long as Russian troops remain in Ukraine.

One of the big boys at FIFA is a personal friend of Putin. He even got a “humanitarian award” from Putin in 2019.

The game would have probably been rigged, you know, scetchy penalty kick to help Russia win.

The champions league has moved its championship from Russia to France this year but FIFA has not budged with the WC qualifications. I think Putins friend is in charge of that part. Maybe more public pressure will change things.

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Poland is 100% correct to refuse and play russia.In fact russia, russian clubs, russian club owners should all be suspended and kicked out of all competitions.

The ccp gets the olympics and we are writing about sports right? Did I get this right?

Russian national and club teams banned from competition by FIFA and UEFA.