Political ads

Cringe? I mean its no Red Alert……

Better than about 90% of the campaign ads I see. Most are lies about what their opponent did or did not do!


I’m voting for her.

She throws great Qocktail parties.

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Is this thread political?

Nah, we’re just hoping for some Wu Tang Clan comparisons.

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meh…waiting for the Diplo remix.

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If he mixes some Ernie C killing it in the background, I’ll be good.

I’m just upset that she wasn’t able to rhyme that last line, “I’m Linda Paulson for Senate”. It kind of bothers me. lol

Best ad of the season.

Everyone has seen it which makes it very effective.

Like the old SNL, white guy rap

Rap has come a long way that now a conservative candidate made a rap video.

Here is my favorite political ad thus far:

Damn Micheal Irvin ain’t playing around. :joy:

Nothing instills voter confidence in a candidate like cosplay with guns.

smh and laugh at the same time.


And they cosplay kicking down a door to a building to take down woke liberals.


“Mo simps for Nancy Pelosi”.

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